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Internships and summer jobs as part of your education

Do you need an internship as part of your college education?

Are you looking for a summer job?

We offer you a perfect opportunity to get a taste of a professional environment in which you can gain experience in using your knowledge and skills. An internship or a summer job should benefit both you and Bebotax. At Bebotax, work as an intern or student worker is part of the daily operations. And who knows, you might become our permanent colleague afterwards?

What can you expect from Bebotax as an intern or a student worker?

You receive thorough guidance to ensure useful progress. We would like you to experience how Bebotax works in practice. For that reason we consider you to be a full-fledged member of staff and our team will assist you in all possible ways.

And what does Bebotax expect of you as an intern or a student worker?

Enthusiasm, initiative and the desire to make your internship all it can be.

In short: a professional attitude.

During your internship or summer job we will also get an idea to what extent you have the competences that we value.

As we only want to offer meaningful posts and guarantee profound guidance, the number of available posts is limited.

The number of summer jobs is also limited.

Here you can find a number of degrees for which Bebotax can be beneficial in terms of internship and education:

  • Master of Business Administration - Public Administration - Business Management
  • Master of Economics - Master of Business Economics - Master of Business Engineering
  • Master of Law
  • Bachelor Accountancy - Taxation
  • Bachelor of Law
  • Bachelor of Informatics
  • Bachelor Office Management
  • Bachelor Translation and Interpreting

If you do not find your degree in this list, do not hesitate to contact us. Together we can find a solution.


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B-9810 Nazareth - Belgium
- +32 (0)9 384 93 39 -
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